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[Interesting, today I found the image above had been turned into a tripod generic logo. did perhaps verizon disapprove of this site and complain to Tripod? I don't know. I received no request to take the image down. Could it be that you are threatened by one little man's website, hmmm Verizon? You should have thought of that before you jumped into the DSL game and fucked over thousands of consumers. Why do you think you are being sued? Legally you may have the right to make me take down that image, but that is still a sucker ass move that's just going to make you more enemies.] Fuck Verizon at every orifice. Boycott James Earl Jones, slash van tires, drive into telephone poles, phreak them wherever you can!

Verizon, the global leader in raging shitholes of service, support, and reliability.

Verizon has provided an absolutely worthless service to a majority of its DSL customers. Check out these reports for individual accounts. I have been unable to locate a single person who has received satisfactory service from this sham of a company.

If you are considering ordering DSL from Verizon, please read these reports first and see what kind of experience you're in for. If you'd really like to show that you refuse to accept this dishonest and misleading company, you can also decide to use another local phone company. Verizon, unlike other DSL companies, requires that you have their phone service to get their DSL. FUCK THAT, FUCK YOU VERIZON, SHAPE THE FUCK UP AND REALIZE THAT YOUR CUSTOMERS AREN'T JUST GOING TO GO ALONG WITH THIS KIND OF SHIT.

Knowing full well that they nearly all of their customers have had major and multiple delays in service activation, customer service nightmares with 45 minutes on hold, and spotty, slow or unacceptably unreliable service when the service finally does "work," Verizon continues to sell their worthless service to unsuspecting consumers and quote false activation dates.

If you haven't guessed already, I too have gone through this same shit with verizon. In fact, before I did a little research and found the DSLReports website, I ordered DSL twice from Verizon, thinking the first horrendous experience was probably just a fluke. NO, the exact same shit happened the second time in addition to Verizon sending my modem to the wrong address even though they have my goddamn address on file for my phone service. Verizon actually then insisted that I call UPS and clear up the matter! UPS had no record of the package. It was another couple hours on the phone before they said they would call me back and clear it up. They never did. My roommate had to call the next day and spend a few more hours before finally having someone just disconnect him. I finally got them to send me another modem a few days later. But of course the service didn't work and then I got a call saying it wouldn't be active for another two weeks. From my first order (which I tried to get for my uncle but never worked) and from the reports above, I thoroughly do not expect the service to work by that time.

Verizon, this is unacceptable, do you hear?

This has been absolutely the most horrible experience I've ever had with any company.

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